The Professional Hokie

Update: Oct. 3, 2019
Dadi Nicolas and Temuchin Hodges both added to the season list for 2019, although I just saw that they were both cut on Oct. 1. Nicolas was on Broncos IR list but never listed on their website. Bucky was originally on the IR for the Jets but was moved to the Reserve / Left Squad list and they waited games before cutting him from that list. Alexander also was cut on Oct. 1 so all three move to unsigned next week.


Update: Sept. 24, 2019
Updated for all of the past week action. Stroman updated to be in IR. Last report was Hodges to IR for Jets but assuming he took an injury settlement instead as he isn’t listed on their IR Roster. Same thing withe Dadi Nicolas???


Updated: Sept. 02, 2019

Ok lets get this back up and running… I’ve created the 2019 Regular Season tab and have everyone added that I could find that is on an active Roster.

I’ll have to go back and recreate the Preseason information for 2019 and of course not much to do for draft since no one was drafted. If you know / remember all the players that were invited to try out for teams, send them this way LannyD @ outlook . com obviously without the spaces.